Orion Omni

Optimizing the advertising/marketing tech eco-system

Orion Omni helps publishers maximize monetization while delivering targeted video campaigns across channels.  It’s a win win for everyone.  Consumers get the content they want, advertisers market the right campaigns to the right consumers at the right time in the right way.  Publishers get paid and keep generating awesome content.  Orion Omni is bridging the gap and creating a transparent world where everyone wins. 
Omni-Channel Ad Technology: Publishers, advertisers and consumers converge on their terms.  
Orion Outstream

Monetize with video advertising without the need for video content

Our Orion Outstream ad unit helps publishers expand revenue beyond traditional pre-roll by monetizing editorial content through our embedded elegant solution.  The outstream unit appears once it becomes viewable, plays the ad, then elegantly closes and disappears allowing the reader to continue on where they left off.

Outstream gives consumers complete control, publishers insights and a new revenue stream all while operating in the same safe trusted way that all Orion campaigns do. 

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